21 Junior Front-End Developer Interview Questions

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When we normally say “front-end,” we mean web applications. But it can also mean iOS, Android, Microsoft, osX, or even Linux applications.

front end developer questions

HTML Doctypes are not elements or tags but rather a document type declaration. This document is used to tell the web browser the HTML version used or about any other markup language that is used on the current page. This question can help you gauge whether the candidate’s career aspirations align with your needs as a company. It will also help you gain a deeper understanding of their motivators which is an integral part of keeping team members happy and productive so they stick around for longer. The take-home challenges can range from building a complete front end application to a HackerRank style algorithm challenge. Sometimes a take home will be time-boxed to a set amount of time. One downside to take-home challenges is the additional time commitment.

Question #4: Which Programming Languages and Front-End Web Development Tools Are You Proficient In?

Resetting – designed to remove all default browser styles on elements. ClickJacking is a malicious technique that is used to trick users into clicking on a certain element that is in reality different from how to become a front end developer the element that is presented to a user. ClickJacking is used to illegally obtain personal information or to take control over someone’s device. Placing a block element inside an inline element is illegal.

Here i talked about 21+ question to nail DOM related interview questions. Glassdoor has 133 interview questions and reports from Front end engineer interviews.

React fundamental concept for beginner 2021.

This means you need to have a strong understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You should also be able to work with a variety of programming languages and frameworks, as well as have a good eye for design. Seasoned front-end developers have different preferences for organizing code. How a candidate answers this question will help you determine their personal style, and you can use it to see if they’re flexible about their methodologies.

front end developer questions

CodinGame technical tests will ensure candidates match your skills requirements. You can even compare how candidates fared against each other before moving to the next step in your interview process. You may have software developers in various locations who need to work closely on projects.

Questions about Managing Code with Version Control

At this point, the server decides what to do with the data in the context of that resource. Web Accessibility is a way to design, develop, and code websites and web tools that people with disabilities can also use. It makes using the technology easy for certain people who have difficulties hearing or seeing.

But the best developers are also dedicated to their vision and are able to make a case for development decisions they believe in. HTML might be heart of a website, but least utilized and explored. Js dude followed the same path and put some basic questions, when you are applying for position directly not for html/markup developer or designer. Only for JS developer when they have to answer some side questions to make interviewer comfortable…

What is your favorite CSS framework?

MySQL just like other databases uses a Table-like structure. When we want to generate many new solutions of exact images on several devices, Srcset is used. A Mixin is a code block that lets the group of CSS declarations which we can reuse in our site. A structure which lets the content be placed both horizontally and vertically in a consistent and manageable way. There are two key components of the Grid system; Rows and Columns. A new feature of ECMAScript 5 is Strict mode which lets you place a function, or a program in a “strict” context of operating.

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